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Message from Thai Chew:

We, Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. would like to thank all our valued customers and business partners for putting their trust and confidence in the Company’s products, supporting our continual development throughout the years.

The company is confident that with our concerted efforts and determination towards our customers’ needs, as well as offering the best quality and services, will bring the Company towards a successful future and position Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. As a leading automotive rubber parts business in South East Asia

On this occasion, the management and staff of Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. sincerely wishes that our valued and dear customers, together with our suppliers, will continue to give us warm patronage and kind advice, all of which contributes to our growth and progress.

Since 1987, when Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. initiated the manufactory of automotive rubber parts, the Company has continued leadership in experiences and technology.

Recognized as one of the progressive leading automotive rubber parts manufacturers and exporters in Thailand, over the past 25 years, Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing, selling, and developing high quality automotive rubber parts for our customers, including engine mounting, center bearing, arm bushing, and other functional parts. All of these fit the criteria for use by the world’s major automotive manufacturers. Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. has achieved an excellent performance and continued to prosper with constant growth.

The Company's diverse range of products marketed under the brandname POP has been widely accepted with a broad base of distribution and clients in the market both domestically and internationally.

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