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POP is a registered brand of Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. We are manufacturers, distributors and exporters of automotive rubber parts for most brands and many models of Japanese commercial and passenger vehicles which are available within South East Asia, the Middle East and worldwide

As one of the most competitive market leaders in Thailand we specialize in automotive rubber parts for car brands and models which are available in our domestic market. However we can tailor make all types of automotive parts for any vehicle brand and model worldwide. In the past we have manufactured auto parts for prolific car brands and importers under their unique brand names available upon request. We have received Thailand's best brand, diversity and refinement symbol. A symbol bestowed on the elite class of Thailand's best export products and to us a qualification for our repeated, unfaltering growth.

Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd has been manufacturing parts for over 25 years and has consistently been one of the market leaders within the Country.
This made POP a well recognized brand in the auto parts industry both locally and internationally. POP is known for our immensely vast product range containing over 3000 products, our flexibility in the fields of logistics and our expertise in product development. Furthermore our products are of world class OEM quality second to no competitor. Thai Chew Inter-Rubber Co., Ltd. Started exportingPOP auto parts in the year 2003 and now we have markets in East Asia, Africa and Middle East, Australia, South America and Eastern Europe and are regularly growing further.

The chassis and suspension system within a vehicle contains many joints which are subject to a lot of heavy movement. Rubber plays an important role in the suspension of automobiles by lessening and absorbing impact caused by stresses of transportation and movement. Our main products are; engine mounts, bushings, boots, hoses, rubber bumpers, seals and stabilizer assembly links.

Our mission for the future is to be Thailand’s number one rubber parts manufacturer and exporter in terms of quality and market share. Competing at a global level and becoming a well known internationally localized brand name. For 25 years we have experienced continuous growth and now we can see the direction of our path very clearly. We will continue to strive for excellence and pursue our dreams.




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